Top 6 Big Data Predictions for 2019


Given the growing popularity and importance of Big Data and its capabilities, the field of data science and analytics is dedicated to a multitude of improvements and innovations over the next few years. Looking at the recent changes and big data trends of the previous year, we look forward to the recent 2019 big data forecast with hope and admiration.

With the vast collection of data on recent trends and monitoring their growth, it is relatively easy to predict what next year will bring to the big data domain. Here are a few of our big data predictions for 2019.

1. Analytics in real time

Previously, companies were primarily focused on generating relevant weekly, monthly or yearly data. However, given the competitive space and the ever-changing data flow, businesses need to prioritize real-time data transmission, a necessity to outperform the competition in 2019.

By drawing attention to streaming capabilities companies can analyze the data as soon as it becomes available. This significantly improves the overall data analysis process and allows leading data science industries to become aware of data trends as they occur.

2. Using Data as a form of Service

As industries became aware of the importance of having mature and reliable data sets, data slowly but sequentially took root as a crucial factor in market forecasting.

It also helps companies make critical decisions about the future of a business. Given its current importance in the sector, the use of data as a service that can be offered to third parties is a far-fetched assumption about the future of Big Data.

3. Big data and cloud – Anywhere, anytime

With the growing number of datasets, companies want to reduce costs and increase the efficiency of the data analysis process.

Businesses will likely spend more on cloud computing solutions than traditional on-premise solutions. Big Data and Cloud Computing are now a perfect combination for companies in any industry.

4. The rise of artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence has been dedicated to transforming the technical field from the inside out since the beginning of its concept. Given the rapid growth in the number of industries that are adapting to the idea of ​​artificial intelligence and improving it through Big Data, one of our big data predictions is that 2019 may well be the year when the inevitable transformation will begin to take root.

As consumers, you will see major improvements in the efficiency of our daily tasks through the increased use of enhanced AI technology.

5. Data Scientists will now become a necessity

One of Gartner’s Big Data predictions will be that 90% of the world’s largest companies will be headed by a Chief Data Officer (CDO) by 2019. Since then, most of the major players in the technology sector have turned to artificial intelligence.

In the case of machine learning, the need for large data to properly use these technologies has become a necessity nowadays.

The aforementioned need for data collection also highlights the need to appoint a service that monitors its proper functioning. Therefore, asserting that data scientists will become increasingly common in industries is one of the most accurate forecasts of Big Data.

6. Data Cleansing

Given the growing collection of data within companies, data cleansing for the generation of reliable data will take all the limelight in 2019. According to Forbes, It is well known that scientists spend 60% of their time cleaning up data.

As the size of the data to be cleaned increases, new, more reliable cleaning algorithms will inevitably be developed to make the whole process more efficient. 2019 will be the year when data cleaning, fast and efficient, will become a priority task, according to our big data forecast.

So that more or less sums up this post for now. Hope you had a great read.

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