How To Create A Backup Plan Using AWS Backup Service

AWS Backup service

The recently launched AWS Backup service is a centralized solution allowing you to back up your application data on the AWS cloud in a cost-effective manner.

This service simplifies and automates the backup process enabling you to fulfill your regulatory as well as your business backup compliance requirements.

Here’s how you can use the AWS Backup service to create a backup plan.


Open the AWS Backup console and select the Create backup plan.


You will come across 3 options in the Create backup plan:

  • Start from an existing plan
  • Build a new plan
  • Define a plan using JSON.

Choose any one of the three if you had an already existing backup plan.

Since, in this post we will be discussing about building a new plan from scratch, we will click on “Build a new plan”  and name the same as XYZ.


Create the first rule for your plan. Name it as XYZbackup. Then, set the schedule in the following way:

  • Set the frequency as daily, meaning, you would like it to run daily.
  • Use backup window defaults; one that is recommended.
  • Define the lifecycle.
  • And set the backup vault as default.


Recovery points will be created as a result of this backup rule. You can then tag these recovery points and the backup plan as well in itself. Use XYZBackupRule as the key and XYZ as the value and click on Add tag.

Now you are completely set to go ahead with the creation of your plan.  


You backup plan is already created at this point and is ready for execution. You will be able to see the details of your backup plan like Name, Version ID, Last modified, as well as Last runtime.

But it comes with only one backup rule without any resource assignment. It emans there’s nothing to back up.

Now, click on assign resources to specify the resources that you want to subject to this backup plan. Enter the name of the resource as ResourceOne and an IAM role as BackUpRole.

Resources can be represented by tag or resource ID. Enter the values accordingly and click on Assign Resources.


You will now have to wait until the first backup job is done. You can check the backup dashboard to have a brief overview of the backup plan status.

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