How To Build Career in Cloud Computing

The traditional administration job has faced a challenge in 2018 due to continuous growing demand of cloud computing. The need for skilled manpower is increasing day by day for cloud skills. The main demand is for implementation and migration in cloud for the existing and new project.

Here comes the question that what is the required skill set for cloud. The cloud domain require sound knowledge in Networking, Operating System Administration as a core skill. The infrastructure is being built on cloud or sometimes being migrated from on premises infrastructure to cloud infra so the basics remained same. The cloud skills are basically “icing on the cake” like a candidate have knowledge or experience in classic on premises networking and administration just need to upgrade the cloud architecting and implementation skills and he or she is suitable for “Cloud Jobs” from that day.

So if we look into the matter carefully we must not be scared about introduction of new technology “Cloud Computing” because it is also required the classical skills of networking and operating basics. For example let us look into further details where in traditional ways we have created a load balancer to support the application stability during the pick load used to take a long process and there was involvement of high end hardware but the same thing can be implemented in cloud before you finish a cup of coffee easily without much technical skills. The beauty of cloud lies in its simplicity and ease of operation.

Next question comes in our mind that which cloud certification is suitable for a sound career. Here comes common concept of market demand and where AWS cloud provided by Amazon is miles ahead from other competitors. Moreover if a candidate have acquired a skill set in any of the cloud it is not impossible to gather the skills in other cloud environments with some hands-on practice and document referral for the vendor.

Getting early into cloud domain will always have an advantage for candidates as on when technology become more mature and favorable by industry they will have already some good project experience in that domain. This is very vital for steady career growth for the candidates.

So we can conclude that there is no doubt that admins who are working in on premises environment can get into cloud market with some basic cloud skills and any global certification based on their choice.

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