Top 6 Big Data Predictions for 2019


Given the growing popularity and importance of Big Data and its capabilities, the field of data science and analytics is dedicated to a multitude of improvements and innovations over the next few years. Looking at the recent changes and big data trends of the previous year, we look forward to the recent 2019 big data forecast with hope and admiration.

With the vast collection of data on recent trends and monitoring their growth, it is relatively easy to predict what next year will bring to the big data domain. Here are a few of our big data predictions for 2019.

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What Is Difference Between Hadoop And Big Data?

The difference between these two is quite fundamental and distinct. But most of the people, particularly the beginners of the subject are confused between the two.

Big data is nothing but a large set of data that cannot be processed by a traditional database system. The same data is also not processed by conventional computer processing units. Now that is what we call a problem. Hadoop, on the other hand, acts as the solution.

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